IVSI - Industrial Grade AC Automatic Voltage Stabilisers - Oil Immersed Magnetic Induction Brushless Design

Three Phase AC Voltage Stabilisers / Regulators - 500 to over 3000 kVA

Standard Rating Sizes available: 500 kVA - 750 kVA - 1000 kVA - 1250 kVA - 1500 kVA - 2000 kVA - 2500 kVA - 3000 kVA.

H / HD Models - 380V to 415V
H / HD Models X468 -  440 - 480V
LY / LD Models - 208V - 240V

Input Voltage Range available from   10% (S10 Models), 15% (S15 Models), 20% (S20 Models), 25% (S25 Models) &  30% (S30 Models)

Models available as either a

4 Wire Solution - H or H-X468 Series - Three Phase with Neutral (+G/E)  or

3 Wire Solution - HD or HD-X468 Series - Three Phase (+G/E) but NO Neutral

and similar Low Volt LY (4 Wire) and LD  (3 Wire) Series solutions

Automatic Voltage Regulation
Wide Range of Power Ratings
Broad Input Voltage Range
High Efficiency
Precise Output Regulation
TVSS - Transient Voltage Surge Suppression
Independent Phase Control
High Overload Capability
Lightning Surge Protection
Over / Low Voltage Alarm
Phase Failure & Reversal Alarms
Voltage & Current Metering
Remote Operational Status Monitoring
Optional Main System Switchboard with Bypass
Compliance with International Standards
CE Conformity
2 Year Warranty
Typical Applications:

Ideal for office complexes, building and manufacturing plants where maximum reliability is essential for the toughest of applications and power environments.

Office Complexes & Buildings Building or whole floor voltage protection of computer and communication systems,
elevators and lifts, lighting and environmental cooling/heating systems.

Manufacturing Plants & Production Processes     Building or whole production line protection of industrial automation control, CNC and other heavy duty manufacturing load equipment. Ideal for applications in the Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, Food Processing, Mining and Paper Mill industries.

Broadcasting                   Protection for TV, Radio and Communication transmitter sites and studios.

Medical Establishments & Equipment                           Building or floor wide protection of critical medical equipment and systems, including X-Ray, CAT Scan and MRI machines.


Industrial Grade Three Phase Voltage  Stabilizers & Regulators - Oil Immersed - 500 to over 3000 kVA


Designed for maximum reliability, making them ideal for the toughest of applications, IVSI Brushless AC Automatic Voltage Stabilizers and Regulators enhance power quality, providing industrial grade voltage regulation and protection.

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Feature Highlights:  
Robust, High Reliability: 
  - No contact brush,
  - No contact point
  - No components to Wear Out
  - Capable of sustaining Spike
  - High Reliability
Independent Phase Control:
Input Voltage Range:
    10% (S10 Models)
  15% (S15 Models)
    20% (S20 Models)
  25% (S25 Models)
  30% (S30 Models)
Output Voltage Regulation:
  - Output Voltage Accuracy 1.5%
Standard Features:
   - Loss of Phase &  Reversal Alarms
   - Over Temperature Alarms
   - Over Voltage & Low Voltage Alarms
   - Voltmeter / Selector Switch
  - Ammeter / Selector Switch
Optional Features:
   -  MSB Switchboards with Bypass
Compliance with leading International Standards:
Overview: 2 Years Warranty as Standard  

Rugged Highly Reliable Industrial Grade protection against the vagaries of voltage irregularities and fluctuations on the input utility supply.


AC mains voltage fluctuations can cause equipment to behave erratically and malfunction. Some equipment will even breakdown because of these voltage fluctuations. Failure to keep voltage stable can result in costly repairs.


Ashley-Edison IVS & IVSI Oil Immersed Magnetic Induction Voltage Stabilisers / Regulators are designed to maintain the mains voltage constant at all times. This technology utilizes a simple, yet very reliable technique in maintaining the output voltage constant. The Magnetic Induction Control  design consists of a rotor and stator. The arrangement is similar to a motor but the difference here is the rotor does not rotate continuously. Its maximum rotation is only 180 degrees. The magnetic coupling between the rotor (the shunt winding) and stator (series winding) will cause the magnitude of the voltage in the series winding to increase or decrease, depending on the angle or position of the rotor to the stator. For example, when the input voltage drops to a certain value, this rotor will rotate to such an angle which will add whatever difference to make up for the drop in voltage so that the output voltage is maintained to its set value and vice versa for input voltages that are high, the rotor will rotate anticlockwise to an angle to minus this difference in voltage.


The advantages of this technology is that it does not require carbon brushes and there is no contact wear. So the reliability is very high as there is no wear and tear on components.

    For further details or to discuss your individual requirements, please contact us.
Download the PDF Datasheets:
H Models: Three Phase Models

Click on the PDF Icon below to View

High Voltage 380 to 415V
   IVSI H - General Overview Datasheet 500 to 3000 kVA
   IVSI H - All Swing Datasheets 500 to 3000 kVA
   MSB H - Optional Switchboards with Bypass

1000 to 5000 Amps

IVSI H - Individual Permissible Input Voltage Swing Datasheets
   IVSI H - S10 Models (380/400/415V 10%)

500 to 3000 kVA

   IVSI H - S15 Models (380/400/415V 15%)

500 to 3000 kVA

   IVSI H - S20 Models (380/400/415V 20%) 500 to 3000 kVA
   IVSI H - S25 Models (380/400/415V 25%) 500 to 2500 kVA
   IVSI H - S30 Models (380/400/415V 30%) 500 to 2500 kVA
   IVSI HD - 3 Wire Systems

500 to 3000 kVA

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L & H-X468 Models:

Three Phase Models

Click on the PDF Icon below to View

Low Voltage 190 to 240V & 440 to 480V
    IVSI LY -  (4 Wire - 190V, 200V, 208V, 220V) email us
    IVSI LD -  ( 3 Wire - 190V to 240V) email us
    IVSI H-X468-  (4 Wire - 440V, 460V & 480V) email us
    IVSI HD-X468-  (3 Wire - 440V to 480V) email us
Note:  3 WIRE = Three Phase with Ground / Earth but NO Neutral
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