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While Massively Reducing Project Costs

Whether you’re proposing an electrical design to a client, or looking for proven ways to solve incoming voltage anomalies, Ashley Edison’s Voltage Regulating Technology helps you stay ahead of voltage problems—with unstoppable confidence.

The Ever-Present Threat of Voltage Fluctuation

Voltage fluctuations pose a significant risk to your electrical and electronic equipment—one that may result in costly operational disruptions and substantial financial losses.


Budget-Killing Cable Costs

Spending millions on cable costs to fulfil voltage drop requirements can oftentimes put a huge dent in your project budget – making it challenging to offer a more competitive design to your clients.


Disastrous Unplanned Downtime

Dreadful equipment malfunctions and unnecessary maintenance works frequently compromise the safety, operational efficiency, and ultimately, the profitability of your business.


Hidden Risks Of Catastrophic Failures

High-value and sensitive electronics are vulnerable to unforeseen failures when left defenceless against harmful voltage fluctuations, leaving room for potential emergency breakdowns and serious consequences.

Optimise. Stabilise. Maximise.

Experience unprecedented performance and peace of mind with our range of trusted, time-tested AVRs.

Engineer Greater Returns On Your Investments

Propose your winning electrical design that achieves up to ±0.5% constant voltage compensation and stability (from no load to full load), completely removing the need for excessive cables.

Driving Reliability, Reinforcing Predictability.

Gain full control over your facility with total power protection, giving you the certainty and greater peace of mind to focus on crucial operational improvements.

Future-Proof Your Facilities From Voltage Anomalies

Unlock unstoppable and lasting dependability in your electrical system, so you can be confident in the long term success of your operational performance for the future.

automatic voltage stabiliser


Ashley-Edison’s wide range of Automatic Voltage Stabilisers enables you to focus on safeguarding your high value equipment and mission critical loads from harmful voltage fluctuations, seamlessly. This empowers you to maximise production and output while eliminating unplanned downtime and expensive emergency repairs.

Equipment Protection


Find the perfect fit with a wide range of power ratings up to 3,000 KVA.

Wide Voltage Input

Wide Input Voltage Tolerance

From 228V up to 581V (3Phase) input voltage swing.

Precise Voltage Regulation


Up to ±0.5% constant output voltage accuracy.

Independant Phase Control


Individual phase voltages regulated to remain stable - regardless of load unbalance.

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1 kva to 1,500 kva

Ideal For 95% of

All Applications


Servo Motor - High accuracy output voltage of ± 0.5% that protects against the uncertainties of voltage fluctuations on the input utility supply.


Optimise your OPEX with a practical voltage solution that is on point and on budget.


Field-tested with more than 98% efficiency for lower operational costs.

200 kva to 3,500 kva

Heavy Duty

Industrial Powerhouse


Rotor Stator - A virtually maintenance-free, plug-and-forget solution that offers absolute reliability - saving you precious time, money and resources on frequent servicing or repairs.


For maximum enhancement of Automatic Voltage Stabiliser's system cooling performance and efficiencies.


Designed to withstand harsh environments, while safeguarding your load against the uncertainties of voltage anomalies. Because you cannot break what's been built to last.

Demand Certainty, With Voltage Stability

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AVR | Up to 500KVA, 12 units

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AVR | 3 Phase 50kva 14 units
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AVR | 75kva & 60kva

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AVR | 55kva, 24 units

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AVR | Multiple 120kva

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AVR | Up to 1000kva

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AVR | Up to 2000kva 8 units

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AVRs up to 150 kVA | Variable Transformers up to 160 Amp

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AVR | Up to 1000kva


From brownouts to severe voltage fluctuations, Ashley Edison takes care of all your power needs by delivering optimised, stable voltage supply to your electrical system.


Curious to learn more? Get in touch with us. We’ll get back to you with a quote or solution within 24 hours and put all your questions to rest.

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Equipment failures can be frustratingly painful to deal with. Severe voltage drops and heavy voltage fluctuations from the mains – are some of the culprits crippling your uptime.


The fastest and most cost-efficient method (also adopted by Grid Operators and MNCs) is to incorporate a dependable voltage regulating solution into your electrical system.


This facility-saving quick fix eliminates all forms of harmful voltage irregularities, drops and fluctuations – regardless of load change in your electrical system.


An optimally stabilised output voltage supply provides robust protection for your high value equipment.


What you’re looking for is an answer that guarantees improved operational efficiency, reliability, prolonged healthy lifespan and ultimately, a solution that safeguards your precious uptime – permanently.


Need help picking the perfect voltage regulating solution? Speak to us today! Our consultants are happy to assist you with your challenges – every step of the way.




If you’re wondering how simple voltage regulation can overcome huge voltage anomalies, you’re not alone. There is a sea of information online explaining how voltage stabilisers work. However, not many are comprehensive enough to explain the in’s and out’s of what exactly goes on within these innovative works of wonders.


For servo electronic design voltage stabilisers: Any form of erratic or unstable input voltage is immediately detected by microprocessors in the voltage stabiliser. This triggers the servo motor driver to instantly activate and move the servo motor’s shaft across the windings of a variable transformer – AUTOMATICALLY adjusting the output voltage value to your desired prescribed limit. The regulated voltage is then supplied through the secondary of the Buck-Boost Transformer and then fed to the machinery or appliances in use.


For the full in-depth literature with quantitative and qualitative research explaining all the how’s and why’s, download our free 22-page PDF white paper to learn more.





When it comes to mission-critical applications and high-value equipment, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is used for backup power when your regular power source fails.


If you’re anything like us, you’d believe that leaving things to chance is not practised in the electrical engineering community.


Which is why we too, believe in redundancy systems.


Supplying voltage stabilisers to mission-critical applications like datacenter and IT system infrastructures has become a crucial part of uptime protection in the industry.


Should the UPS require any form of shut down or scheduled maintenance, you can be assured that your voltage stabiliser continues to deliver clean, stable voltage supplies to your load, all day, every day.




There are 4 different types of voltage stabiliser designed for commercial and industrial applications: Servo Electronic, Magnetic Induction, Static Tap Switching, Solid State (Ferroresonant).


Each design has its pro’s and con’s. While Servo Electronic based Voltage Stabilisers have mainly dominated the market, the ever growing demand for uncompromising reliability and maximum durability in voltage protection has caused an unsurprising shift towards the Magnetic Induction design.


Static tap switching design (thyristor based) is favoured by non critical projects that are desperately constrained by budgets. When technical specifications are written under non stringent requirements (e.g. voltage output of ±10%), cheaper prices may be preferred over quality.


Solid State Design (ferroresonant) is highly dependable. With no moving parts, the ferroresonant voltage stabiliser is not subject to mechanical wear and tear. Due to its nature, it is typically suitable for single phase applications.


To learn more on which design is ideal for your application, read our comprehensive blog article (11min read) to find out more.


Otherwise, drop us an email at and our consultants will be in touch with you within 24hrs. 



For Servo Electronic Voltage Stabilisers, maintenance is absolutely minimal. Quarterly checks on metering displays and yearly ocular (visual) inspections are strongly encouraged. Any electrically trained technician is more than capable of carrying out these simple maintenance tasks – with ease.


For a virtually maintenance-free solution, explore our Extra Robust Magnetic Induction design that’s engineered for maximum uptime protection.




Ashley Edison Automatic Voltage Stabilisers are designed as “Plug-And-Forget” voltage protection solutions.


Once commissioned, the incoming voltage is INSTANTLY regulated to your desired set output voltage values within 1.5ms.


Voltage levels are automatically and constantly maintained during the day when loading is high, and throughout the night when loading is low – giving you peace of mind and unstoppable confidence that your equipment is well taken care of, with no guesswork needed.




At Ashley Edison Global, we believe in engineering solutions that are built to last. By championing the need to optimise rather than replace, we safeguard the maintenance budgets of our clients by preventing unnecessary expenditure on replacements or repairs. No detail is too small when product design quality is concerned.


In our manufacturing process, every product is closely inspected as they pass through assembly lines with an intense focus on durability and maintainability—while paying close attention to safety as a top priority.


With over 40 years of research and development, Ashley Edison products have been put through the test of time, enabling us to break boundaries by greatly improving MTBF and total dependability. This results in the perfect marriage of performance and reliability.





We design intuitive products with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind, eliminating the chore of complex disassembly and reassembly—especially in circumstances that merely require the replacing of minor components.


By making regular inspections a straightforward and simple process, we ensure that our products run smoothly throughout their expected healthy lifespan, with absolute certainty and maintainability.


Every Ashley Edison Automatic Voltage Stabiliser comes inclusive of a 3-Year full warranty on all parts.




Download your 22-Page White Paper on Stabilising Voltage Fluctuation

This comprehensive study explores quantitative and qualitative research on how harmful voltage anomalies impact organisations — both operationally and financially.


This guide includes an in-depth cause and effect analysis of how electrical systems and high-value equipment react to inherent voltage fluctuations.


A conclusive summary reveals the solutions of how you can confidently eliminate this threat forever.

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Three Phase

SESL-H-3P-S Model
Large Capacity Rating
200 to 2,000 KVA


Enclosure 335
1000W x 1300H x 580D (mm)
250~300 KVA ± 15%
120~200 KVA ± 20%


Enclosure 336
1280W x 1480H x 660D (mm)
400 KVA ± 15%
250 KVA ± 20%


Enclosure 337H
1880W x 1950H x 880D (mm)
500 KVA ± 15%
300 KVA ± 20%


Enclosure 339
1470W x 1950H x 1340D (mm)
600 ~ 1,500 KVA ± 15%
400 ~ 1,000 KVA ± 20%
300 ~ 750 KVA ± 25%
300 ~ 600 KVA ± 30%

Three Phase

SES-H-3P-S Model
Added I/P Breaker Protection
60 to 1,000 KVA


Enclosure 333
490W x 800H x 990D (mm)
≤ 100 KVA ± 15%


Enclosure 334
540W x 900H x 1000D (mm)
120 – 150 KVA ± 15%


Enclosure 335
1000W x 1300H x 580D (mm)
180 – 300 KVA ± 15%
120 – 200 KVA ± 20%
120 – 150 KVA ± 25%


Enclosure 336H
1880W x 1480H x 660D (mm)
400 KVA ± 15%
250 KVA ± 20%
180 ~ 200 KVA ± 25%


Enclosure 337H
1880W x 1950H x 880D (mm)
500 KVA ± 15%
300 KVA ± 20%
250 KVA ± 25%


Enclosure 339H
2170W x 1950H x 1340D (mm)
600~1,000 KVA ± 15%
400~600 KVA ± 20%
300~400 KVA ± 25%

Single Phase

SES-H-S Model
Added I/P Breaker Protection
1 to 100 KVA

Enclosure 102
270W x 460H x 490D (mm)
≤ 20 KVA ± 30%
≤ 15 KVA ± 20%
≤ 10 KVA ± 25%
≤ 10 KVA ± 15%

Enclosure 103
400W x 580H x 500D (mm)
25 KVA ± 15%
20 KVA ± 20%
15 KVA ± 25%

Enclosure 332
380W x 670H x 780D (mm)
30 KVA ± 15%

Enclosure 333
490W x 800H x 990D (mm)
40 ~ 50 KVA ± 15%
25 ~ 30 KVA ± 20%
20 ~ 25 KVA ± 25%
15 ~ 20 KVA ± 30%

Enclosure 334
540W x 900H x 1000D (mm)
60 ~ 75 KVA ± 15%
40 ~60 KVA ± 20%
30 ~ 50 KVA ± 25%
25 ~ 40 KVA ± 30%