Shielding CNC Machines from Voltage Fluctuations: Strategies and Benefits of Ashley Edison AVR Solutions

In the competitive and precision-oriented realm of CNC manufacturing, robustness and reliability are paramount. Voltage fluctuations can be the invisible foes that sabotage the operations and longevity of CNC machines, leading to costly repairs and detrimental downtime. 


Here, we delve into the science of securing CNC machines against these fluctuations and illustrate how Ashley Edison’s Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVRs) can be the shield against such unseen problems, ensuring CNC voltage stability and unmatched reliability.


CNC manufacturing stands as a backbone to modern industries, propelling them to new heights with precision and efficiency. However, the challenges of voltage fluctuations lurk around, threatening the integrity and functionality of CNC machines. Ashley Edison’s Automatic Voltage Regulator emerges as the vanguard, promising CNC voltage protection and stability, thus paving the way for seamless operations and longevity.





The Impact of Voltage Fluctuations on CNC Machines:



Voltage fluctuations in CNC manufacturing are the subtle, yet detrimental variances in voltage levels that can compromise the machine’s performance. They typically originate from unstable power sources, impacting the machine’s precision and efficiency.







Voltage instability can wreak havoc on CNC machines, causing internal damages that result in costly repairs and operational downtime. The precision and reliability of CNC machines can significantly be affected, leading to inconsistencies in production outputs.





Strategies and Comprehensive Solutions for CNC Voltage Protection using Ashley Edison’s Solutions:


  • Utilising Automatic Voltage Regulators:

Ashley Edison AVRs play a pivotal role in maintaining CNC voltage stability, neutralising the effects of fluctuations and protecting the delicate internal components of CNC machines. They act as a defence mechanism, ensuring the longevity and reliability of CNC machinery.


  • Benefits of Adopting Ashley Edison AVR Solutions:

Implementing Ashley Edison AVR solutions translates to enhanced reliability and uptime of CNC systems, minimising the risks of unplanned interruptions and downtimes. Ashley Edison’s solutions stand as a beacon of reliability, assuring optimised performance and protection against voltage fluctuations.



  •  Optimising Ashley Edison AVR Integration:

To maximise CNC voltage protection, integrating Ashley Edison AVR solutions is imperative. Proper implementation ensures optimal CNC voltage stability, safeguarding the machines against potential damages due to voltage fluctuations.


  • Regular Monitoring and Adjustment with Ashley Edison AVR:

Continuous monitoring and adjustment using Ashley Edison’s solutions are crucial in detecting and rectifying voltage fluctuations promptly, ensuring the seamless operation of CNC machines and eliminating the risks associated with voltage instability.


  • Enhancing Power Quality with Ashley Edison AVR:

Ashley Edison’s solutions aid in maintaining superior power quality, preventing CNC voltage fluctuations and ensuring consistent and precise outputs. By improving power quality, they help in maintaining the integrity and efficiency of CNC machines, allowing them to operate at their full potential.



  • Maintaining System Reliability:

Ashley Edison’s reliable and efficient solutions ensure that CNC machines operate consistently, maintaining their performance levels and extending their lifespan. They act as a protective layer, guarding against voltage instabilities and ensuring the longevity and reliability of the machines.



Practical Tips and How-Tos:

Effectively using Ashley Edison AVR solutions for CNC voltage protection requires knowing how they work and how to integrate them. Regular calibration, ongoing monitoring, and structured power quality plans are crucial for making the most of these solutions.


Understanding Functionality and Integration Regular Calibration
Effectively implementing Ashley Edison AVR solutions for CNC voltage protection starts with knowing how they work and integrating them seamlessly into your system. This ensures they perform their voltage regulation role effectively. Regularly calibrating the AVR system is crucial to maintaining its accuracy over time. It compensates for factors like wear and environmental conditions that can affect its precision, preventing voltage fluctuations that could harm your CNC machine.
Continuous Monitoring  Structured Power Quality Plans 
Constantly monitoring voltage levels and system behaviour in real-time helps you detect and address issues promptly. This proactive approach minimises the risk of CNC machine damage or downtime due to voltage irregularities. Integrating the AVR system into a broader power quality plan provides comprehensive protection. This includes measures like surge suppressors and backup power sources, ensuring the stability and reliability of your CNC machines in the long run.



Case Studies:

Numerous instances elucidate how Ashley Edison AVR solutions have significantly mitigated voltage-related damages, emphasising improved reliability and reduced downtime in CNC operations. These real-world examples serve as testaments to the unparalleled advantages and reliability of Ashley Edison AVR Solutions in the world of CNC manufacturing.


Throughout the years, Ashley Edison has consistently delivered outstanding results across different industries. Such as: 


Assisting ESI, a prominent CNC machine supplier specialising in laser-based micro-manufacturing solutions, is a common practice. ESI’s machines are widely adopted by major industrial suppliers for the production of flexible and rigid PCBs, upon which electronic components are mounted.




Through the application of Ashley Edison’s AVRs, ESI has effectively mitigated voltage fluctuations by


  • Ensuring a consistent and reliable voltage supply to their CNC machines, thus enabling uninterrupted and stable operations
  • Disconnecting the load to safeguard equipment by preventing surges from causing damage.
  • Elevating low voltage levels, ensuring consistent and reliable voltage, thus enabling continuous and predictable CNC machine operations.
  • Maintaining a balanced voltage level across all phases, mitigating the risk of undesirable electrical problems.


In the intricate dance of precision and reliability that is CNC manufacturing, ensuring voltage stability is non-negotiable. Incorporating Ashley Edison Automatic Voltage Stabilizers is not a mere option but a necessity to obliterate voltage problems and enhance system reliability and uptime. They stand as the guardians of CNC machinery, shielding them from the unseen dangers of voltage fluctuations and instabilities.



CNC voltage fluctuation is a silent disruptor in the realm of CNC manufacturing, compromising precision and reliability. Ashley Edison AVR Solutions emerge as the silent guardians, ensuring CNC voltage protection and stability. They are not merely solutions but investments in longevity and seamless operations, allowing CNC machines to deliver their maximum potential.


Secure your CNC Machines against the unseen perils of voltage fluctuations. Book a consultation call with an Ashley Edison Voltage Specialist today and shield your operations with unmatched reliability and confidence.


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Three Phase

SESL-H-3P-S Model
Large Capacity Rating
200 to 2,000 KVA


Enclosure 335
1000W x 1300H x 580D (mm)
250~300 KVA ± 15%
120~200 KVA ± 20%


Enclosure 336
1280W x 1480H x 660D (mm)
400 KVA ± 15%
250 KVA ± 20%


Enclosure 337H
1880W x 1950H x 880D (mm)
500 KVA ± 15%
300 KVA ± 20%


Enclosure 339
1470W x 1950H x 1340D (mm)
600 ~ 1,500 KVA ± 15%
400 ~ 1,000 KVA ± 20%
300 ~ 750 KVA ± 25%
300 ~ 600 KVA ± 30%

Three Phase

SES-H-3P-S Model
Added I/P Breaker Protection
60 to 1,000 KVA


Enclosure 333
490W x 800H x 990D (mm)
≤ 100 KVA ± 15%


Enclosure 334
540W x 900H x 1000D (mm)
120 – 150 KVA ± 15%


Enclosure 335
1000W x 1300H x 580D (mm)
180 – 300 KVA ± 15%
120 – 200 KVA ± 20%
120 – 150 KVA ± 25%


Enclosure 336H
1880W x 1480H x 660D (mm)
400 KVA ± 15%
250 KVA ± 20%
180 ~ 200 KVA ± 25%


Enclosure 337H
1880W x 1950H x 880D (mm)
500 KVA ± 15%
300 KVA ± 20%
250 KVA ± 25%


Enclosure 339H
2170W x 1950H x 1340D (mm)
600~1,000 KVA ± 15%
400~600 KVA ± 20%
300~400 KVA ± 25%

Single Phase

SES-H-S Model
Added I/P Breaker Protection
1 to 100 KVA

Enclosure 102
270W x 460H x 490D (mm)
≤ 20 KVA ± 30%
≤ 15 KVA ± 20%
≤ 10 KVA ± 25%
≤ 10 KVA ± 15%

Enclosure 103
400W x 580H x 500D (mm)
25 KVA ± 15%
20 KVA ± 20%
15 KVA ± 25%

Enclosure 332
380W x 670H x 780D (mm)
30 KVA ± 15%

Enclosure 333
490W x 800H x 990D (mm)
40 ~ 50 KVA ± 15%
25 ~ 30 KVA ± 20%
20 ~ 25 KVA ± 25%
15 ~ 20 KVA ± 30%

Enclosure 334
540W x 900H x 1000D (mm)
60 ~ 75 KVA ± 15%
40 ~60 KVA ± 20%
30 ~ 50 KVA ± 25%
25 ~ 40 KVA ± 30%